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November 11, 2012
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Germany X Reader
Genre: Fluff, romance
Warnings: None
Author: CamaelTheAngel – 11/11/12


September 7, 1989

Dear _________,

Allow me to first wish you a happy birthday. I know you probably won't get my letter until tomorrow, but I'm very happy for you. Turning eighteen is a very big deal, my friend… getting older opens the door to many new things that you can do. Maybe when this blasted wall comes down and I get off my deployment then maybe we could go out for a drink, yes? Just know that in the meanwhile I send you all of my love, and a locket to celebrate your coming of age. Wear it well.

All of my love,  



You couldn't believe what you had just been told… it was really happening. The terrible Berlin Wall that had been separating East and West Germany was to be torn down, and the peoples reunited. Joining a sea of people sweeping towards the edge of your sleepy little town, you join their joyful cries as you reach the wall.

"Bring it down!" Everyone cries, rioting and shoving to get a better view of the wall.

After a few minutes of making no headway, you and many others are happy to see a mob of citizens weaving the way through the crowd, sledgehammers in hand. A 'chink' sound echoes as the first hammer connects with the cement, and your heart soars as they start to chip away at the barrier that had stood in the way of many for so long.

"I'll get to see him again," you think as you try to shove your way to the front of the crowd, "…Ludwig will be waiting on the other side!"

Although you had only met him once in person as a child, you and your friend Ludwig had become close by keeping contact through letters, writing several every week back and forth. It had been the norm, as you had come into the world with the wall separating you from the people on the other side, but you were certainly ready for that to change. With a final echoing blow, the wall comes down in a cascading plume of dust and dirt, accompanied by the triumphant yawps of those around you. Quieting quickly, all eyes turn to the wall, the air growing tangible with anticipation. Waiting until you are unable to stand it any longer, you are the first to raise your voice.

"Ludwig!" Stepping forward, you watch as another face emerges from the dissipating dust, coming from the other side of the wall.

"…Ludwig?" Crestfallen, you watch as the man emerging from the other side rushes towards a woman in middle of the crowd, embracing her tightly.

~~ Time Skip of Germanish Goodness ~~

After the first man had stepped through the gap in the wall from the other side, the flow of souls making their way back to their families had increased steadily and continued for many hours, spanning from mid-afternoon until dark, only slowing to a slow crawl after the street lights had gone on. Sitting on a block of concrete lying next to the shattered remains of the wall, you watch as yet another happy pair of people embrace, crying happily into one another's shoulders. Sighing, your heart aches like it had for so many years before. Bowing your head, tears start to run down your cheeks.

"He promised," you think bitterly, clenching your fists, "… he said that he'd be here today, and that we'd celebrate together… enjoy our freedom." Sobbing audibly, your shoulders start to shake.

"Excuse me, Frauline?" A masculine voice cuts through your angry grief, sounding quiet and calm, though wary of a potential projection of aggression.

Looking up, you meet the clear blue eyes of the concerned passerby, almost flushing red from the intensity of his gaze.

"Are you alright?"

Drying your eyes you stand up and collect yourself, giving him a quick side-glance. Something about his presence strikes a familiar chord with you, causing you to fix him with a more calculating look. His blonde hair is combed back neatly and gelled, not a stray hair sticking up anywhere. His brow is creased with concern, sharp nose leading your eyes down his thin face to his pale lips and defined chin, neck taught and toned just as the rest of his body. Sighing quietly, the man speaks again.


Snapping out of your revere your hand flies to your neck, securing a gold heart-shaped locket. Smiling slightly, you begin to remember why the man in front of you seems so familiar.

"Please excuse me, sir. Y-you just remind me of someone I once knew." Fingering the piece of jewelry on your neck, you continue. "… you see, when I was a young girl I was introduced to a young boy from across the wall. His family and mine had been very close for years and years, even before the wall had been built. However, we were only able to be together for a few days before his mother and father had to return to their home on the other side of the wall, because the time they had been allotted had been very hard to get, even for the short length it was. In our time together we had become fast friends, so over the years I have written him many letters and we have kept in contact. We talked about many things… life, love, and even loss."

Pulling the locket from around your neck you show the man, smiling.

"He even sent me this locket for my eighteenth birthday two months ago with our pictures inside of it."

Opening the small clasp on the side of the necklace, you reveal two pictures inside: one of yourself, and one of the blond-haired blue-eyed man in front of you.

"…I missed you, Ludwig."

Launching forward you hug him tightly, burying your face in the brow coat he wears. Looking down at you he gets a wide-eyed look on his face, before melting into the hug like he had been craving it more than anything for a very long time.

"Und I you, ___________."

Leaning his head against yours, you're both startled as fireworks shoot into the night sky behind you, exploding into a shower of red and gold sparks. Smiling, Ludwig looks down into your face.

"They must be celebrating the reunification." Ludwig says.

Nodding, your face gets red at the close proximity of his.

"…ve should be celebrating too. How about I finally give you the birthday present I wasn't able to before?"

Seeming confused, you give a small start as Ludwig gently tilts your chin upwards, causing your lips to meet his. Kissing you softly, he then draws back a little to look down into your face.

"…I love you, ____________. I have vanted to tell you for many years, though I have never had the opportunity to tell you."

Your heart beats at what seems like a million miles a minute, swelling with warmth and giddiness.

"…I love you too, Ludwig."
Okay, so, I don't usually say much in my descriptions. Today will be different, however, since this is my FIRST Hetalia fiction. I'd just like to say that I really appreciate the Hetalia fanbase on DA, because pretty many of you guys are honest. I know I can trust you to tell me if there's something wrong with one of my pieces. It's nice to have constructive criticism, or even just criticism to work with because it allows me to improve upon what I already have. I'd also like to say that I appreciate the DA fiction authors. You all have inspired me to stop dragging my ass and get my show on the road again. I love to write, and I love Hetalia, so it was nice to have some motivation. With this being said, please enjoy my fiction... it was a real pleasure to write.

Thank you,

-- Remus.


Dedication: To everyone; you have all really helped me get my head back in the game.



- Yes, I am aware that this may not be a very accurate representation of the reunification of the two sides of Germany. I'm very sorry if it offends you.

- West may be a bit OOC; please keep in mind that this is my first time writing for him.


Comments are appreciated more than favorites, in my case. Please, do not hesitate to say something to me~

I DO take point commission. If you'd like me to write something for you, then please not me rather than comment... we shall discuss details via message.
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